Cozy Modern Bungalow House Design With Roofdeck and Vertical Garden

Cozy Modern Bungalow House Design With Roofdeck and Vertical Garden -- Modern house design is always attractive to look at. It never fails to surprise us that we may combine minimalist modern trends with touches from our favorite styles, like bungalow design. As in the Cozy Modern Bungalow House Design With Roofdeck and Vertical Garden below. Not only is this house gorgeous and trendy but it also offers a refreshing natural side. Let's review the design details below!

Modern Bungalow Style

Exterior Design

This property is wonderful in its modern minimalist style. The attractive facade has a simple box design. On the front side, we can see an arch-shaped window in the graceful classic style, with two wall lights installed on the sides. Wood-patterned decorations make the house appear warmer and more inviting.

Natural Landscape

Landscape/Vertical Garden

The presence of a small garden is one of the interesting aspects of this house design. Flower beds on the front of the terrace and under the windows may be filled with your favorite plants. 

You may also utilize the roofdeck railing to support vines, allowing them to dangle lushly and make the terrace more shaded. On the front side, there is also a lattice that may be used to form a vertical garden. How refreshing!

Side View 

Side View

This house also features a large terrace, particularly the side terrace pictured above. The space is large enough to serve several functions. You may add anything you want, including sofa chairs, swing chairs, and hanging chairs! 

This section is also used for a laundry facility. Here you can also see the stairway that leads to the roofdeck above. There's also the usage of roster as a secondary skin, which seems great!

Roofdeck Design

Roofdeck Design

It is quite spacious, half the size of the building below. This roofdeck is an additional area that is perfect for you to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones. Add chairs to make it more comfortable, or you can also make a cast bench. 

This roofdeck is also surrounded by a minimalist railing for safety, you can also add flower beds or heat-resistant plants to make it even more beautiful!

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

House features:

- Terrace/Porch

- Living Room

- Dining Room and Kitchen

- 2 Bedrooms

- 1 Bathroom

- Roofdeck

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