Fabulous 16 x 36.5 M Classic House Design with 6 Bedrooms

 Homiful.comWhat do you think of a classic house? Looking luxurious and timeless, that's the first thing that comes to mind in general people. Moreover, the design of the house this time will discuss the classic two-story house which has a building area of 690 sqm and a land area of 584 sqm (16 x 36.5 m). Let's see below for more details!

Modern classic house design

Built with full shades of white, this magnificent classic house looks stylish and clean. The existence of large pillars and triangular decorations with patterns on the front of the house makes this magnificent house very distinctive and fancy.

In order not to be monotonous, the design of this house is balanced with some black in some parts such as guardrails and others. Don't forget to make yellow lighting so that the atmosphere is warmer and welcoming.

Top house design

Applying a combination roof model, this classic house is also decorated with a dome that also beautifies the appearance of the house. In addition to the black roof that covers the house, you can apply a transparent roof in some parts of the place so that it can be used as sunlight access to enter.

Back-of-house view

A similar design is also applied at the back of this luxurious house. Decorated with large enough pillars, the back area of this house looks more open with a terrace or balcony that is quite spacious. Swimming pools, relaxing areas, and parks that fill the backyard are no less interesting and make the atmosphere more calming.

Spacious interior

The impression of luxury can be seen in the interior. The combination of white and gold makes the atmosphere feel fancy. Not to forget the combination of gray color also enlivens the interior design of the house.

Soothing praying room

This praying room looks serene with a calming design. The right color combination and also the design and decoration that are not excessive help you to focus on worshiping in this classic and luxurious house.

Simple kitchen design

Looks simple, this kitchen area is designed with shades of white and a touch of gold and gray in some parts. Applying hidden lamps, makes activities in the kitchen smoother and not disturbed due to lack of lighting. The kitchen island in the kitchen can also be converted into a mini bar or dining table to make it more efficient.

Comfortable bedroom

This spacious bedroom looks luxurious but comfortable. Furniture that is not excessive helps the bedroom not feel stuffy. You can make decorations by playing patterns so that the room is not monotonous and boring. Do not forget to place fresh plants so that the room is fresher and helps you to sleep soundly.

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