The Most Wooliest Cactus That Looks Fluffy

The Most Wooliest Cactus That Looks Fluffy -- One of the most attractive aspects of succulents is their wide range of colors and textures. Fluffy succulents are one kind that gets little interest due of their difficulties. The best technique to water any fuzzy cactus is to water it from the bottom, so that the water does not touch the hairs.

Cephalocereus Senilis


The old man cactus is popular because it closely mimics the aging hair of an old man. Furthermore, the abundance of hair on the cactus creates the illusion that it is made of felt! Does well in more dry regions and prefers a typical succulent watering routine. When on a consistent water schedule, this species may grow up to seven inches each year! 

Mammillaria Plumosa


Please keep in mind that, while this species is gorgeous and one of the softest to sight and touch, collecting M. plumosa from its natural habitat is forbidden.  The glochids that surround the areoles resemble downy feathers. With sparkling white blooms on a feathery backdrop, it's simple to see why this species is so popular.

Cleistocactus winteri subs. Colademononis

Also known as Monkey's Tail Cactus. Each stem may be up to eight feet long and two inches in diameter. Long, fur-like hair develops along each tail and can be rather thick. The hair is also really soft! For a cactus. The flowers will appear all over the stalks, turning them crimson from base to tip if you have a big flowering season!

Espostoa Melanostele


The Peruvian Old Lady Cactus is unique in that it has dense wooly hair among its spines, which rivals the Old Man Cactus. They can withstand the same hardiness zones. While they are rare bloomers, when they do, the flowers are a couple inches long and a lovely white. However, because they are sensitive to wetness, the blooms will only appear when it is dry.

Austrocylindropuntia Lagopus


These fluffy tiny jewels are also known as Hare's foot due to their fluffy nature and low growth to the ground. The stems are completely coated in hairs, and the top of each cottony mound has green buds that appear above the fuzz. Their native habitat is huge areas of dry desert, where they may create two-foot-diameter clusters of blossoms that mature into delicious prickly pears.

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