6 Ideas To Stand Up Your Interior with Plants

 Homiful.comIt may seem trivial and a lot of nonsense, but the presence of plants in the interior of the house will increase the vibes that exist. In addition, some of the benefits of plants in the house have also become common knowledge that is widely known. Below we present a review of interior design and decoration with plants that will beautify your residence.

Workspace surrounded by plants


As the name suggests, a workspace is a place that requires focus, concentration, calmness, and comfort. And indeed the workspace is designed for the room where you work. In order not to be too serious and can help you relax, try placing plants as decorations in the workspace. Place the plant in an area that looks slick and can improve the impression of the workspace.

Put the big plant in the corner living room


It may be common to place small to medium-sized plants in a large living room or room area. You can try to place large-sized plants in the interior of the living room for different and unique finishes. Place the plant in a corner area or an empty spot for it.

Help the kitchen absorb pollutants with plants


Placing plants in the kitchen area can also provide benefits in addition to its function as decoration to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. Such as helping to absorb unpleasant odors, absorbing pollutants, helping to produce oxygen at night, and also making air circulation smooth.

Try hanging the vines on your interior


Vines are also quite good for decorating the interior of the house. You can design and style them nicely and create creations with them. Or also make natural curtain decorations from vines for stunning interior design.

Pretty plant at the sink area


Having a function in line with those in the kitchen, placing plants in the bathroom or sink area is enough to help the room have good and smooth circulation. Because the room conditions are quite humid, you can choose plants that can grow at that temperature. Such as Snake Plants, Pothos, Ferns, and so on.

Good placement of the plant near the source of light


One of the tips to keep plants in the interior growing well, you can place them in an area that can receive enough light. Like near a window sill for example. Or place it in an area that has enough lighting for the plant to grow well.

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