Share The Love With These 7 Houseplant With Heart Shaped Leaves

Share The Love With These 7 Houseplant With Heart Shaped Leaves -- Houseplant foliage comes in a variety of forms, sizes, and colors, but plants with heart-shaped leaves are especially stunning. Some big ground plants with heart-shaped leaves offer the ideal punch to any corner of your home, while trailing plants look great in any window. They also make excellent presents for special occasions!

Anthurium Clarinervium


Anthurium Clarinervium, a popular houseplant, has unique leaves. Aside from its heart-shaped leaves, this plant features a striking vein pattern on huge, thick, suede-textured leaves which stands it out.



Cyclamen has lovely heart-shaped leaves and a gorgeous bloom. This plant is perfect for use as a decoration at home or on top of a desk. Cyclamen may grow in a chilly, humid area. To be known, high temps cause cyclamen leaves to yellow and the flower to fade quickly.



Monstera, one of the most popular plants, is well-known for its stunning splits and fenestration. Monstera deliciosa is a hardy plant. Water when the soil is dry and place in bright, indirect light.

Hoya Heart (Hoya Kerrii)


Hoya kerrii, popularly known as the Sweetheart Hoya, is one of the first heart-shaped plants that any plant parent thinks of. This wax heart plant has perfectly formed heart leaves. The Hoya will begin to vine down as it develops, and it will soon be packed with those lovely heart-shaped leaves.

Caladium Cranberry


Caladium Cranberry's big foliage, heart or arrow shaped, paper thin leaves in a dazzling array of colors and patterns make it ideal for home or office decorating. Caladiums are heat-loving tropical perennials with outstanding foliage that make excellent houseplants.

String of Hearts


String of hearts is a popular houseplant with gorgeous cascading vines and little heart-shaped leaves falling down. They are also known as trailing succulents due to their maintenance requirements. String of hearts prefer direct sunshine and perform best in a south-facing window.

Philodendron Plowmanii


Philodendron plowmanii is another plant with heart-shaped leaves, but its texture is glossy rather than velvety. This makes the plant easier to care for. With proper care, Philodendron plowmanii will mature into more prominent heart-shaped leaves, making it the ideal sweetheart plant.

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