Backyard Ideas with Garden to Upgrade Your Hangout Spots

 Homiful.comThe selection of plants, the right, the concept of design ideas, and also the elements needed need to make the backyard look slick and stunning. Some backyard design ideas below may be able to help you with further inspiration. Whether it's a large or small backyard, you can customize it.

Spacious backyard with arch planter stand


If you want the backyard to look roomy so that it is multifunctional, you can put the idea in the image above. With the center of the backyard made empty and overgrown with grass, you can design the edge of the backyard well. Moreover, there is an arch planter stand that adorns one corner of the backyard, this will make the backyard look beautiful and aesthetic.

Functional backyard by growing herbs and veggies


Growing herbs and vegetables is certainly one of the wise steps you can take to design a backyard to be more functional. Moreover, it is equipped with some fruits, which means you don't need to go to the supermarket and save the budget for food expenses.

Stunning and creative mini garden in the corner area


Filling the corner area with your creativity in the backyard can be a plus. Decide on the concept you want or just plant a few plants in the corner area of the backyard. If necessary, equip this corner area with some natural materials such as rocks and wood for neat results. Don't forget to put some ornaments to make the backyard corner look extraordinary.

Urban oasis in your backyard


One of the oases in urban areas has its own yard. You can design a backyard with a variety of functional spots, of course, such as making a swimming pool that will make you feel comfortable and can swim anytime. In order not to look monotonous, add some plants and form a chic garden around the pool.

Amazing landscape using paving slabs


The garden that joins the outdoor kitchen is neatly designed and comfortable. With a letter-you cement bench equipped with a box planter on the backrest makes the backyard look slick and fresh. Make the backyard floor installed with paving and also intersperse the grass so that the backyard does not look arid.

Square type of backyard design


The box type that adorns the backyard area looks stunning. This backyard is designed with plants growing around the side of the backyard. Not only that, in the middle of the backyard it looks empty with plants that are the center.

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