Reasons Why Your Pothos Get Brown Spots | How To Fix It

 Homiful.comOne of the problems that attacks Pothos is the brown spot that often appears on its leaves. There are many reasons why brown spots appear on Pothos. For this reason, in this article, we will discuss the reasons why Pothos experienced brown spots and how to overcome them.

Sunburn and not enough water


Putting Pothos under Direct Sunlight, they will naturally experience brown spots. This is because Pothos receives too much sunlight and burns Pothos leaves so that they will look brown and crispy.

Pothos needed enough water to survive. They will have brown spots if you give too much water and also lack water for a long time. If it has a lot of water, Pothos will experience root rot. And if there is a lack of water, Pothos will lack moisture so the leaves will begin to turn brown and dry out.

Aging leaves


Another reason why Pothos has brown spots is that Pothos is getting older. With age, Pothos leaves will begin to dry and brown spots will begin to appear. And will eventually fall. This is indeed a natural condition that many plants go through.

Root rot


It has been mentioned in the first point, the appearance of brown spots on Pothos, one of which is the root rot. This can be caused by overwatering and mold growth and is not treated immediately. Root rot usually starts at the root and spreads to all parts of the plant. It can be seen that root rot is a brown or black root that is mushy to the touch.

Pests or bacterial infections


Bacteria and pests are natural enemies of plants. For pests that often attack plants and cause brown spots such as spider mites. And for bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Xanthomonas, and Erwinia. If your Pothos has been attacked by the above pests and bacteria, you should take it to a professional for immediate treatment.

Fix with isolating the plant


To fix the Pothos of brown spot, you can begin to isolate the plant from other plants. This is because it can help to prevent the spread of problems caused by the Pothos plant to other plants.

Especially if Pothos is attacked by spores and bacterial infections, they are diseases that easily spread from one plant to another. Make sure to place the problem Pothos in a well-ventilated area and wash your hands after handling it.

Repot the Pothos


If your Pothos is having problems with its roots such as root rot, you can start repotting the Pothos. Make sure to repot into a larger container. Use fresh potting soil and water the plant well after repotting.

Clean the roots


Still, on the issue of root rot, you can start cutting off the affected roots and replanting Pothos in fresh soil. Sterilize the cutter in advance so that pests or bacteria do not spread to healthy plants. Once replanted, water the Pothos well and keep an eye out for further problems.

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