7 Space-saving Balcony Planter Ideas

7 Space-saving Balcony Planter Ideas 

Homiful.com -- The balcony is one of the areas outside the house that is usually owned by a multi-storey house or apartment. It can be used as a place to relax. Liven up your balcony by adding some beautiful plants! The following ideas can serve as inspiration on how to organize plants in a neat and attractive way, which you can easily try!

Benefit from the Balcony Railing


Balcony railing is a mandatory thing that needs to be there for safety. However, railings can also be made more attractive. For those of you who have a small balcony, make good use of this side of the railing as a place to arrange your favorite plant pots and planters.

Cozy Book Corner


You can also make the balcony into a functional enclosed room. For example, by creating this corner reading room. You can combine a planter with a bookshelf. This shelf design also looks attractive with a modern industrialist style, made of iron and wood.

Make the Floor More Attractive


The following idea is suitable for those of you who like a natural, beautiful look. You can use the floor to turn it into a refreshing green side. You can create a walkway with wood-patterned planks or tiles, then use artificial grass carpet as the base.

 Hanging Plants


One of the space saving garden ideas is to make the most of every corner and side. For small balconies, the idea of hanging potted plants can be a brilliant idea. Hanging potted plants will make your balcony cooler and more beautiful, without taking up space.

Lush and Shady Balcony Garden


The presence of plants can indeed have a considerable impact on the look and atmosphere of a place. This small balcony has a lush and shady look with a collection of plants. Equipped with a swing chair, this balcony can be the most comfortable spot in your home.

Open Balcony


The following inspiration is suitable for those of you who have an open balcony or rooftop design without a roof. The floor looks neat with wooden decking. This area is equipped with a set of garden chairs, and surrounded by various types of ornamental plants that are suitable for outdoor use.

Vertical Garden


This last idea is one of the most popular space-saving ideas. Vertical gardens that utilize the walls of the room will not take up space. This modern design with plants in frames can also be a luxurious and elegant room decoration idea!

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