Pretty 6 Fountain Ideas for Your Minimalist Garden

 Homiful.comEquipping the garden with a fountain is certainly a good thing and can provide a calming atmosphere. Many types and models for fountains can be applied to the garden in your home. Here below are some ideas about the concept of a fountain for a small garden more interesting.

Stylishly sustainable fountain


As the name suggests, this continuous fountain has a source of water obtained from somewhere and directed at which this fountain is placed. You can make the reservoir of this fountain some rocks or coral to make it look more natural. This concept is perfect for those of you who use a minimalist concept but are still beautiful and relaxing.

Minimalist fountain with corals


The combination of flowing fountains and brightly colored coral makes the atmosphere look stunning and matching. You can place the coral at the bottom of the fountain or in the shelter area of the fountain. Arrange in such a way as to produce an interesting scene.

Pitcher fountain in the fishpond


Installing a fountain in the fish pond certainly makes it look stunning. In addition, this is also very helpful for fish to survive and develop better. With a two-level fountain, the appearance of the fountain will be more attractive and make the garden more aesthetic.

Unique leaf fountain


To make it more unique, you can make the fountain have a different shape than the fountain in general. Like this leaf model for example. With a concept that is designed in such a way, it produces a neat finish and helps beautify the garden in your home.

Natural accent of a mini garden with fountain


This pitcher fountain model with several levels further enlivens the design of a minimalist garden. Moreover, the buffer of the fountain which has the shape of a wooden trunk, also makes the atmosphere more natural.

Elegant fishpond in elevation style


The concept of elevation on the fish pond in this park makes the design look more calming. Moreover, it is supported by a small fountain that helps provide oxygen and survive for the fish that live in it. In addition, the appearance of the fountain on the elevated fish pond also makes the design of the garden more attractive.

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