This is How to Grow and Care Indoor Lucky Bamboo

This is How to Grow and Care Indoor Lucky Bamboo ---  For those of you who are looking for indoor plant ideas, you might want to consider lucky bamboo which has a beautiful and unique look and is easy to maintain. So, check out This is How to Grow and Care Indoor Lucky Bamboo.

 1. Soil and drainage

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For soil, the soil should be moist but not soaked as lucky bamboo can only grow in well-drained and rich potting soil. Or you can also place it in a vase filled with water for an inch of standing water at all times. 

2. Watering and humidity

You can water the plant with tap water or preferably hard water that contains a lot of minerals because this plant is very sensitive to chlorine and other chemical compounds. If you plant it in a vase filled with water, you can change the water once a week to avoid various diseases. For humidity, this plant prefers average humidity, suitable to be placed in the home area.

3. Temperature and sunlight

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 Lucky bamboo needs a warmer temperature between 65 - 90 degrees fahrenheit. It is better to place it in an area with normal temperature, not too cold or too hot. In addition, this plant prefers bright light filtered sunlight, and does not like direct sunlight that will scorch the leaves.

4. Pruning

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Pruning is a very important activity for plants to keep them healthy. Over time, this plant will lose its shape, but pruning will restore the shape of the plant and under control. Cut the offshots not the main stalk of lucky bamboo.

5. Common problem
Here are common problems growing this plant, such as browning leaves, black roots, yellow leaves, mushy stalks. Most of the root problems in this plant are in water quality and maintaining the plants. Changing water and using the right quality of water can eliminate most of the problems.

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