How to Fix Succulent Problems for Beginners -- Although classified as an easy plant for beginners, succulents also need to be cared for. Many people prefer to ignore it or even treat it like any other plant with too frequent watering. This will certainly cause succulent problems. For some things you should know, check out How to Fix Succulent Problems for Beginners.

Leaves falling off


Succulents are very susceptible to excessive watering. When it receives too much water, the leaves will react by being mushy and swollen and causing them to fall. The solution you have to do is stop the watering when this happens. Replace the pot with new soil if the old pot has soil that is too wet.

Dry leave

Although they like bright light, succulents will also experience leaf dryness when placed in an area that has full light. In addition, it can also be caused by lack of water. You can water it to refresh it and give it a more shady area to rest.

Lack of nutrients


When in lack of nutrients, your succulent leaves will wither and turn yellow. The compost and fertilizer mixture in potted succulents will be removed from the soil during watering and will need to provide nutrients back to the plant. You can give him a fertilizer formulated for cacti and succulents.

Withered and shriveled leaves


The succulent will quickly give you a signal when it lacks water. It is usually characterized by shriveled leaves. Although often neglected regarding watering, succulents still need adequate water intake and don't let them suffer from lack of water.

Stretched stem


The splayed stems of this succulent are a sign of a lack of sunlight. Usually the stem will lean towards the illuminated area and make it elongated, and the leaves are spaced. If this happens, move the plant to a brighter area to meet its light needs.
 Pests on leaves and stems
Succulent leaves are often found with white on the leaves or stems. This is a pest that you must immediately clean. All you have to do is take the succulent out of the pot and remove the pests and clean the stems and leaves to keep the succulent healthy.
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