Minimalist Boho Interior Ideas for Small Houses, Bright and Cozy!

Minimalist Boho Interior Ideas for Small Houses, Bright and Cozy! -- An attractive home interior can make us feel comfortable and at home. With a mix of various elements from the boho style, you can get a beautiful room that is bright and charming! Just like in this little house below. Let's check out the details!

Living Room Ideas

Living Room

The first inspiration came from the living room. It looks charming with soft light colors. Equipped with a soft L-shaped sofa that will surely make you feel comfortable, as well as a collection of sitting pillows with a variety of pillowcase motifs, and a perfect combination of white with soft pink.

Kids Bedroom Idea

Kids Bedroom

Children's bedrooms are usually not very spacious, especially if you have a small house. To maximize space, you can use a bed with additional storage like this. This bedroom comes with a bed and a total of 5 storages, which can be used as a substitute for a wardrobe, or to store various children's items and toys. The bedroom will be tidier, and the kids can learn to tidy up their own room!

Mirror Decoration For Spacious Space

Bedroom's Decor

Decorating is also very important to get the desired look of the room. There are many decorating options to choose from. For example, with the addition of a mirror. Mirrors are not only useful for reflecting, but can also upgrade the look of your room. Thanks to the reflection, the mirror can create the illusion of a wider room, making it suitable for narrow rooms.

Entrance Ideas


The existence of an entrance or foyer space is nothing new anymore. This space is quite popularly used from the past. This entrance design looks simple, equipped with a cabinet for shoe racks, and a doormat. Some decorations also seem to be installed nicely on the walls of the room.

Work Space Ideas

Work Space

You can add a workspace to your small home with a simple design. The boho style itself prioritizes a sweet look with wooden elements. This small workspace has a comfortable wooden desk and chair set, with the addition of some small drawers and wall shelves. The decor and arrangement look just right and super aesthetic!

Kitchen and Dining Room

Kitchen and Dining Room

The white theme is very much present in this room. It combines a dining area in the middle with a kitchen set in the corner to maximize this small space. The kitchen set is neatly arranged with an L-shaped layout that fits the corner of the room. Equipped with upper and lower cabinets for maximum storage. The beautiful decoration with rattan material on the chandelier is really catchy!

Open Shelves

Open Shelves

Using a lot of wood materials and finishing earthy colors on accents, makes the room seem warm and cozy. The open shelf design will make your room more attractive, especially adjusted to the decoration and some spices. You can see how the white color can make the room look spacious and also clean & brighter. 

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