7 Houseplants that Absorb Toxins for Clean Air and Good Health

Homiful.com -- Houseplants bring many benefits into the home. Plants will add color and a spirit of freshness. Apart from that, plants have the ability to absorb toxins in the air. That way, the air in the house will feel clean and fresh.

Toxin-absorbing plants are not always expensive ornamental plants. Cheap and easy-to-find plants can be powerful plants to clean the air. What are they? Here are 7 Houseplants that Absorb Toxins for Clean Air and Good Health.

Aloe vera

Who doesn't know aloe vera? It is a plant known for its good benefits for skin and hair health. In addition, aloe vera plants remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Those two substances are usually found from leftover painting at home. You only need to water it once for three weeks.


Aglonema is one of the most popular house plants ever. This plant is sought after for its beautiful green leaves with a silver-white pattern in the center. Aglonema is able to eliminate formaldehyde substances that can trigger cancer. Formaldehyde is usually found in household toxins, such as wood flooring, tobacco smoke, and wall paint products.


Ornamental palms or yellow palms have beautiful green leafy foliage. This plant is easy to grow. Place it in a corner of the room that is exposed to sunlight. Ornamental palms are also effective at absorbing toxins produced by varnishes on wooden furniture and the like.


Philodendron is a beautiful ornamental plant with heart-shaped leaves. It can grow upwards from coir sticks like this one. Philodendrons would be a vibrant decoration for a pretty corner with plain white walls. Philodendron houseplants also actively absorb air toxins and actually produce fresh oxygen in the house.


Pothos plants are almost similar to philododendrons. This plant is effective for filtering dirty air in the room. This heart-leaved plant is also very easy to grow, and can even be propagated by placing the cuttings in water. Pothos will definitely help the room feel fresh.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies can grow well indoors. Miraculously, these plants will absorb harmful toxins around them. Home air toxins, such as benzene, toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde can be actively absorbed by peace lilies. Its fresh green foliage and pretty white flowers will also beautify the room.


Anthuriums are stunning with their green foliage and red flowers. Anthuriums can clean the air in the room. They produce clean air that is healthy to breathe. Anthuriums will grow happily near windows with bright, indirect light.

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