BEST Plants for Bathroom & Brilliant Ways To Put Them - Keeping houseplants at home is trendy by the second. Besides bringing more benefits, they also have good vibes in the house. Moreover, plants in the bathroom don't require sunlight or watering them much. 

Even a kid can take care of them without trouble. So, here are some houseplants you can try to place in the bathroom and how to put them.

Spider plant


Spider plant is a popular plant and has an attractive and attractive appearance. They are easy to grow and care for. They prefer to grow in bright to moderate indirect sunlight. Spider plants don't appreciate direct, hot sunlight which can burn their leaves. You can put the spider plant by placing it on the table or hanging it.

Rubber fig


Native to southern China, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia, rubber fig is a tropical evergreen plant that has a chic and elegant appearance. They are also recommended by NASA as aquatic purifying plants and tolerant of indoor light conditions. 

Snake plants and Dracaena


This plant of a million people is very adaptable. They can grow in dry environments as well as high humidity such as in the bathroom. 

Having many benefits, snake plants are suitable to be placed in the bathroom as decoration or purifying water and absorbing pollutants. 

Meaning female dragon, dracaena is one of the ornamental plants that is also suitable to be placed around the bathroom. They have a unique appearance with leaves shaped like swords and strong properties. 

Dracaena also has many benefits for the health of the body and the surrounding environment.

Hanging the plants


There are many ways to place plants in the bathroom. You can put the plant on furniture as well as on the floor. For small bathrooms, hanging plants is the right and efficient step because it does not take up much space. Find a good spot to hang the plant and make sure the plant is exposed to sunlight or other lighting so that it grows well.

Put on the rack and near the sink


When you have a shelf in the bathroom, place the plant on the shelf. In addition to beautifying the appearance, it also makes the bathroom have a fresh and natural impression because of the plants. Or place plants around the sink for a beautiful, minimalist decoration.

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