8 Reasons Why Your Indoor Plant's Leaves Are Turning Yellow

8 Reasons Why Your Indoor Plant's Leaves Are Turning Yellow 

Homiful.com -- Yellowing leaves on houseplants are bothersome. Sometimes the reason is obvious, which means you can identify and correct it right away. Other times, the problem is a bit more mysterious. In this case, you should experiment with one change at a time until you observe an improvement in your plant. 

Moisture Problems


Overwatering or underwatering are the most usual reasons of yellowing indoor plant leaves. It matters most to only water potted plants as much as they need. Over watering can be as damaging to leaves. When the soil does not drain well, an excess of water causes waterlogging and root systems to drown. Roots begin to die when they lack of oxygen.

Nutrient Deficiency


Plant leaves may also become yellow if a plant is not getting enough nutrition. If you use hard water, this can be caused by too much calcium in the water or by a nitrogen deficit. The nutrients required by plants differ based on the species, and some are pickier than others. This will help to keep your plants happy and healthy.



Pests might attack your plants if you have dry air indoors. Plant insects such as aphids and spider mites may be sucking the sap from your plant and discoloring it with yellow splotches. 

Check the bottom of the leaves for signs of fine webbing, which may indicate pests. Use insecticidal soap to get rid of aphids and spider mites. You may also raise the humidity around you.

Cold Breezes


Cold breezes can cause tropical plants' leaves to turn yellow and drop. This differs from short periods of cold temperatures, which causes outright browning of the leaf or the appearance of pale, translucent areas between veins. It's a good idea to spray overwintering tropicals to enhance humidity.

Normal Aging


Many plants' bottom leaves yellow and fall off as they age. This is just a natural aspect of their growth. Don't be worried in this case. Trim back the main stem if the plant grows too lanky to encourage new growth and bushiness.



Repotting a plant that needs a new home might cause stress and fading leaves. It's a regular way for the plant to show that it's adjusting to its new environment. In this case, the best thing you can do is give your plant time to settle in and find its source of nutrients in the new soil. Do not fertilize your plant at this time. 

Lack of Light


Plants that receive little sunlight often begin to yellow on the bottom leaves before they drop. If this is the case, there is a hint you may search for. A plant that is yellowing due to a lack of light will usually yellow on the side facing away from the light source. If this is the case, move the plant to a more sunny spot and watch its progress. 



If your plant has a viral infection, it may appear as blotchy, spreading yellow spots on its leaves. Sickly leaves and stems, as well as discolored blooms, can indicate this. Plant viral infections may be incurable and can infect any sensitive plants nearby. 

When you spot a sick plant, isolate it from the rest of your plants. Fungicides may be used in some treatments, while others might require removing of healthy sections when the propagation process.

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