Six of Amazing Lucky Bamboo that Have Easy Maintenance --  Lucky bamboo is one of the most popular types of plant that are always a wishlist to bring the decoration of the room to look more natural and refreshing. This plant has quite a lot of benefits such as being able to provide high amounts of oxygen compared to other type of plants. In addition, it can also improve the air quality in the room well. Thus is there any intention to but plants ass a room decoration filler? If so, six types of lucky bamboo plants you can take home to make the room fresher with healthy air.

3 Layer Lucky Bamboo


This 3-layer lucky bamboo design looks stunning in a glossy luxury bowl. Filled with white pebbles to make it look perfect. Make a beautiful ribbon to surround this plant to display a luxurious impression and become the center of attention.

Circle Lucky Bamboo

Circular shape made pattern of this wire makes lucky bamboo grow around it, with beautiful leaves dangling down, you can prepare in the medium of the soil and sprinkle white pebbles on it.

Pyramid Big 4

As the name suggests, lucky bamboo is made from 4 stems of plants with pyramid-like shape. You can trim the upper leaves to show the real pyramid.


Spiral Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo with spiral shape on it adds beautiful and charming impression. Besides suitable for gifts, as a decorations space is also necessary to add interior of the room is more luxurious.

Trophy Lucky Bamboo

The model like the trophy this time is quite interesting form the others. But still lucky bamboo provides a real natural freshness. Cup shape with circular in the middle of the part looks beautiful along with dense leaves.

Lotus Lucky Bamboo

Representing purity in Feng Shui, lucky bamboo with this single stalk has leaves at the dense end. You can store it in a pot with soil media directly or into water.

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