7 Most Popular Succulent to Grow in Your Garden

7 Most Popular Succulent to Grow in Your Garden

Homiful.com -- For those of you who want to find a succulent plant that is popular and has an attractive look, you should read the article below which lists the 7 Most Popular Succulent to Grow in Your Garden.

 1. Jade plant

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The first type of succulent is Jade plant. Jade plant maintenance is easy. This plant is suitable to be used as an indoor ornamental plant for your home or office. Can be placed in a small pot. This ornamental plant requires at least 4 hours of sunlight per day.

2. Panda plant

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Next is Panda plant. This plant requires light maintenance, meaning that it does not have to be watered every day, slow release fertilizer is enough to be given once per three months. Its cute, cute appearance is sure to tempt the eye. The leaves of the newly planted Panda plant succulent cactus temporarily receive extra attention.

3. Snake plant

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This plant may have been often encountered because it is easy to cultivate even in inadequate environmental conditions. This happens because the roots spread shallowly in the soil, are white in color, and contain a lot of water.

4. Hens and chicks

Then there is the Hens and chicks plant. A popular hardy succulent plant that can grow outdoors, even in places with very cold climates. These plants tend to grow better when grown outdoors than indoors as houseplants. This plant is suitable for those of you who have dogs or cats because, really pet safe.

5. Ball cactus

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This cactus, whose Latin name is Parodia magnifica, is shaped like a spiny ball with lots of hair covering its trunk. Although it likes warm and dry climates, this cactus doesn't really dislike direct sunlight. If you put it indoors, make sure it still gets sunlight but change its position periodically so that its growth does not tilt or bend.

6. Ear's pig plant

Next is the Ear's Pig plant. The care of this plant is not complicated, because the plant is not fussy. This plant requires enough water, not too much nor too little. In addition, this plant also requires a little fertilizer.

7. Burro's tail

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The burro's tail plant is one of the interesting ornamental plants to collect. You only have to rotate every week the position of the plant so that it is round, because if you don't change its position, its shape will tilt following the direction of the sun's rays. However, this donkey tail plant is very easy to fall if exposed to shock. Therefore, try to place it in a place where there is no traffic.

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