Plant Care Ideas: How To Grow Pink Sedum (October Daphne) - Hailing from Japan, Sedum sieboldii is mostly known as October Daphne or Hylotelephium sieboldii. This plant has many different types of genus and most of them are beautiful. Part of the succulent perennial herb, Sedum sieboldii can grow 6 to 10 inches in height. For more detail, you can see below.



Sieboldii mostly grows attractive. They have circular mounds and send out horizontal branches from a central crown. The foliage is rounded fleshly and blue-green in color. And the leaf edgings are deep pink. The fall leaf color may be pink, orange, yellow, or even bright red. The flower has a star-shaped rose color pink and grows in clusters on 8-inch stems.

Light and temperature


Grow Sedum sieboldii in partial shade to full sun area. Place them in the east, west, or southern for the best. Shelter against harsh weather conditions.



If you wanna get the plant to grow well and in good condition, you can make the soil mix consisting of one part leaf mold, two parts sand, and three parts of a natural, loam-based compost.



Sedum sieboldii is drought tolerant. Provide them regularly throughout the growing season and allow the soil moisture to dry out between watering.



Get feed sedum sieboldii twice a month. During the growing season, you can use standard liquid fertilizer. Get watching carefully in early spring. When you see new shoots emerge from the soil provide the first feeding.



There are three ways you can do to propagate Sedum sieboldii. Grow them from seeds, softwood cuttings, and through division.

Is this plan safe?


In fact, all parts of sedum sieboldii are somewhat toxic and can cause indigestion. However, very young and tender leaves can be eaten without first cooking. While older leaves can be consumed by stir-frying or steaming to be safer.

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