7 Causes of Hoya Not Growing (And Solutions)

7 Causes of Hoya Not Growing (And Solutions) 

Homiful.com -- It's a joy to see ornamental plants develop and surprise their owners as they become gorgeous and mature. One of them is the Hoya plant, which is a lovely plant that is in high demand among gardeners. 

However, there is one issue that you may regret when you plant ornamental plants that do not grow. This article will go over some of the reasons why plants don't grow and how to solve them. 

Seasonal Growth


Some of the most common concerns that might lead Hoya to stop growing are seasonal growths that usually go dormant throughout the winter. Even when put indoors, seasons can differ due to changes in light. This plant is dormant, with signs of leaf drop, and will not grow until the new season arrives.

Acclimation Time


Plants that have been relocated and replanted, such as Hoya, require some adjustment time. There's no need to worry; this plant appears to be in good health and will adapt quickly to the conditions. You may avoid moving plants from different locations, and there is no need to fertilize because they don't like too many chemicals.

Improper Lighting


Although some sellers classify Hoyas as low-light plants, their natural habitat provides bright light filtered from direct sunlight. Dim lighting often inhibits their growth. Of course, species differ: some can tolerate less light than others. Most, however, will require sun protection if kept outdoor. Too much sunlight could affect growth. 

Hoyas grow well under artificial light, and as these lights can be controlled, they are an ideal option to optimize the light for your plant. 12 to 14 hours each day should be plenty for optimal growth. Each 24-hour cycle, provide a time of darkness.

Poor Drainage


Overwatering the soil will not only stop growth, but it can also kill your Hoya through root rot. Healthy roots are important. The most common reason is overwatering, but the soil and even the container of your plant were some part. 

Your Hoya's pot must have drainage holes to allow water to drain. If you want to use an aesthetic container with no exit holes, place your plant inside a pot with sufficient drainage.

Unsuitable Container


After repotting and moving the Hoya to a new pot. Of course, root growth will result in new leaves. However, choosing a container that is too big could stop Hoya from growing fast. 

You may select the right size pot so that little roots don't mind being somewhat bound. Also, a pot that is too big may overwater, increasing the danger of overwatering while making it difficult for the soil to dry.

Cold Or Fluctuating Temperatures


Hoyas are tropical plants that thrive in warm climates. Even some that enjoy mild daytime temperatures will stop growing if the temperature drops below their suggest range. If your Hoya is exposed to a cold snap or sits in chilly conditions for a long period of time, it may bag the season and turn semi-dormant. In that case, don't expect further growth until the plant recovers.

Fertilization Issues


Because hoyas are not heavy eaters, most fertilization issues are caused by overfeeding. Excess fertilizer can contaminate the soil, preventing root absorption and slowing growth.

You may avoid this by applying a mainly diluted fertilizer every 6 weeks during the growth season. Stop fertilizing throughout the winter and while the plant is dormant, using 1/4 of the label instructions.

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