Different Varieties of Spider Plants You Should Know

Homiful.com --  There are more than 200 types of spider encountered, but it can be further narrowed and used into two categories, only It is diverse and not diverse that is dominantly seen from the color and lines on the leaves. You may be able to choose the types of spider plants including Bonnie, Hawaiian, Bichetii and other varieties. This is also categorized in 3 groups such as curly, diverse and not diverse.

Believed to have a great effect if placed indoors, spider plants are able to make air in the room and eliminate 90% of toxins in the air. Some list of types of plants you can see below:


Chlorophytum Comosum


This type may be common and commonly recognized. But her beauty cannot be revealed. The shape of the wider leaves and the center of the yellow leaves flanked by green is sowing and perfect. Its curved shape has a pointed tip and looks upright.


Chlorophytum Comosum Variegate 


The most common type of spider plant with always green and perennial color is chlorophytum comosum vittatum. This type of spider plants has a medium green color, slightly rolls and has vertical stripes if beige and wide color.

Its length and width reach 1-2 feet. You can hang this plant in a dry and shady place.


Chlorphytum Bonnie 


Bonnie plants that have multiple leaves and many offspring are interesting into the corner of space. Curly leaves create similarities between bonnie spider plants and variegated spider plants. Bonnie spider plants are very expensive because of their long, curved and brighter leaves. Most people love this plant for small rooms like terraces and balconies.



Chlorphytum Comosum Reverse 


 This interesting plant type of Chloroohytum comosum variegatum has an outline in the middle of the leaves with a green color. The edges of beautiful leaves are a soft yellow color with a green center, this is the opposite plan of variegated. Because it is much loved for the reason that this plant is effective for adding variety to your garden.



Chlorophytum Bichetti 


Chlorophytum bichetii is a non-flowering species. This plant is dialed for soil cover rather than just used as a hanging plant. Plants with the same care as other types.



Chlorophytum comosum


Plants that have smaller and longer leaf sizes are very beautiful. The color of green leaves and a little green makes the plant even more unique.

This is the review of Different Varieties of Spider Plants You Should Know. From the design above, which is your favorite?

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