7 Eye-Catching Houseplants with Big Leaves

7 Eye-Catching Houseplants with Big Leaves 

Homiful.com -- Plants have their own characteristics that make them so amazing! With various sizes, you can customize them to your taste. Did you know there are plants with big leaves that can be the focal point of your room? Here they are!



If you want to show off your huge leaves to your pals, grow the Swiss cheese plant! For optimal development, choose a medium that drains well and give indirect light.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


This tall indoor plant with ruffled large green leaves may reach heights of 5-7 feet indoors. It does well in both full-day partial sun and indirect sunlight settings.

Hawaiian Pothos


Hawaiian and golden pothos variegated leaves can grow to be quite large! These cultivars enjoy a few hours of direct sunshine and plenty of sunny shade throughout the day.

Round-Leaf Calathea


This calathea's huge orb-shaped, leathery leaf with creamy light-green stripes appears to be larger than the head. It loves moist soil with good drainage.

Variegated Alocasia


Giant taro has leaves the size of a human head. It thrives in medium to bright light with high humidity.

Ruffled Fan Palm


Licuala grandis is an uncommon palm with large pleated leaves that resemble hand fans. It is simple to grow indoors; maintain the plant in bright to moderately indirect light.



This lovely houseplant with huge velvety green leaves and white veins adds a larger-than-life appearance to any design. Grow Philodendron gloriosum for its giant leaves!

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