8 Best Bedroom Plants: Nature's Air Purifiers For Better Sleep

8 Best Bedroom Plants: Nature's Air Purifiers For Better Sleep 

Homiful.com -- Indoor plants are an all-natural way to remove pollutants from your air, such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde. The greatest plants for cleaning the air in your bedroom tend to be easy to care for, in addition to looking wonderful and offering health advantages such as improved sleep (forget the essential oil, go for some greens). 



This is an excellent hanging plant; use a hanging basket and let the leaves to grow downwards. The ivy pothos is a tough plant that adapts well to the surroundings. This plant can grow in a variety of substrates, including soil, wood, and water, and can thrive in both indirect and direct sunlight. The ivy pothos is also regarded as a top air-purifying plant, able to removing toxins from the air.

Spider plant


Spider plants, which were popular in bedrooms throughout the 1970s, have made a huge comeback in recent years. Their spreading, striped leaves radiate from the center, forming a lush green mass. 

It also absorbs smells and pollutants, which helps to maintain oxygen levels and promotes better sleep. These plants also generate baby spider plants, allowing you to propagate and cultivate more plants for your bedroom.

The ZZ plant


Zamioculcas zamiifolia is a low-maintenance zz plant with lustrous, broad, oval-shaped leaves that shoot high and develop swiftly in a home interior. ZZ plants grow slowly and like bright, indirect sunshine. One of the benefits of the zz plant is that it can flourish in a variety of lighting settings. 

Flamingo plant


If you need houseplants for your bedroom, go no further than the flamingo plant, also known as an anthurium, which helps remove carbon dioxide while also providing plenty of oxygen. The flamingo plant needs a good acidity, well-drained soil and hates direct sunlight. It produces gorgeous and long-lasting flowers all year.

Peace lily


Peace lilies are yet another eye-catching bedroom plant. They can filter out many toxic substances and may be propped up on your windowsill. The peace lily not only helps to purify the air, but it is also a low-maintenance plant that only requires weekly watering.



If you want to improve the air quality in your bedroom, consider growing echeveria succulents to produce serene oxygenated green senses. This plant belongs to the succulent plant family, which is closely related to the cactus plant. They like well-drained soil and are drought-tolerant plants.

Monstera deliciosa


Monstera deliciosa (also known as the Swiss cheese plant) is native to South America and thrives in indirect light (it normally grows beneath the shade of trees), making it suitable for a bedroom that lacks direct sunlight. According to Andres, it's also a good choice for tiny-space bedrooms since it "produces big leaves in small spaces." 

Lady palm


Because they grow best in bright, indirect light near a window or skylight, this is one of the finest plants for bedroom placement. Each leaf stalk may grow to be up to 18 inches long, so the green leaves can readily fill an empty bedroom corner. The lady palm is particularly tolerant of low light conditions, and it does not require a lot of water—it is very easy to care for.

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