6 Common Indoor Plant Care Mistakes to Avoid

6 Common Indoor Plant Care Mistakes to Avoid 

Homiful.com -- It is not an easy thing to take care of plants. Even plants with a low level of difficulty can still die. There are several mistake that newbie plant parents might make when caring for their plants, ranging from overwatering to underfertilizing. Here are the six most common mistakes people make while caring for their indoor plants.



It is not a myth that plants require fertilizer! In reality, fertilizer is important in plant care since it gives plants with the nutrients they require to grow big and strong. Fertilize houseplants during active growth seasons, which are generally spring and summer. Plant nutrients support healthy foliage, strong roots, blooming, and other benefits.

Dirty Foliage


Dusting and cleaning our plants' leaves is an easy plant care activity that we can overlook. In nature, rainfall and wind do the task of cleaning dirt and debris from the plant's leaves. Indoors, we must do this duty ourselves. 

The easiest technique to remove dust and grime from the plant's leaves is to gently wipe it down with a moist cloth or microfiber cleaning gloves. This technique not only improves the appearance of your plant, but it also helps the plant to photosynthesize more effectively. 

It's also great chance to get up close and personal with your plant, inspecting it for early signs of pest infestations or other problems.

Moving Plants Around


They thrive on consistency, so try to give your plants permanent homes. When you relocate a plant, it must adjust to new light levels and temperatures, and each "adjustment period" represents a delay in growth. If your plant is prospering, it is content in its current location. 

If a newly moved plant isn't growing or is deteriorating, wait a few weeks before making any more modifications. The only time you should relocate a plant is if its current places isn't working. The plant's leaves are yellowing, or the leaf tips are getting dry and crispy, and other issues.

Root Care


Healthy roots are crucial for a healthy plant since they are responsible for water and nutrient intake. If your plant struggles to stay healthy, inspect the roots for any potential issues. Roots that have been overwatered will be brown or black and sticky. Roots that are underwatered can become parched and dry, losing their capacity to absorb water. Roots can also be harmed when they outgrow their container. 



Watering is the most needed task for any plant owner to master. It's natural to believe that if some water is nice, more water must be better. However, each plant has different water requirements, with some requiring only a sip or two every few months and others requiring a gallon or more regularly. To guarantee that you're watering your plants properly, you need first learn how much water each one needs.

Not Understanding Your Plant


One of the best goods of advice we offer plant parents is to do a little bit of research before purchasing a new green friend. Knowing what sort of circumstance your houseplant come from is vital for its proper care. Each plant requires different watering plan, soil type, and amount of light. 

For most plants, temperature is simple; if it's too cold for a human to be comfortable, it's usually too cold for an indoor plant to grow well. Being a plant parent may be quite satisfying. But keep in mind to make mistakes is a great way to learn, so it's fine.

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