What is Bottom Watering and How To Do it To Your Plants

What is Bottom Watering and How To Do it To Your Plants   

Homiful.com -- Watering potted plants can be done from the top or the bottom. Although the top watering is the most common method, it is not always the best. Aside from watering frequency, the method you choose impacts how much water the plant gets. 

About Bottom Watering


Bottom watering, also known as reverse watering, means add the saucer beneath the pot with water or placing the pot in a bucket, sink, or other large container of water. Water is slowly absorbed and carried into the potting media through the pot's drainage holes.

Is bottom-watering plants better?


It depends on the plant; some need to be watered from the bottom. It is typically regarded as the preferable option since it is less likely to overwater your plants, but it takes longer than top watering.

How often to bottom watering


It is determined by the type of plant and its watering requirements. Instead of sticking to a watering schedule, check the soil moisture level and water the plants as needed. Watering every few days is required for houseplants that require continually wet soil, although succulents and other drought-resistant plants can get by with weekly watering or even less.

How to Bottom Water Plants 


- Fill a sink or tub with room-temperature water (if necessary, add fertilizer). Consider drinking filtered or distilled water if your city water includes chlorine. Make sure the water level in the pot covers the bottom inch.

- Allow the water to soak into the container until the top layer of the potting media feels moist (confirm by inserting your index finger into the soil). It takes roughly 15 minutes for tiny pots.

- Allow the pot to drain in the sink or tub before replacing it on its saucer.

Benefits of Bottom Watering 


Bottom watering offers multiple benefits when done correctly, as seen in the image above. Of course, the amount of water required by each plant varies; just don't overwater it.

Plants That Can Be Bottom Watered


Almost every plant may be bottom-watered if planted in containers with enough drainage holes and a potting media that absorbs moisture efficiently. However, bottom watering takes longer than top watering, so if time is a problem, pick top watering. 

Also, if extremely large containers are too heavy to carry to a tub, they should be top watered because they will be considerably heavier once hydrated. 


Bottom watering is ideal for the following plants:

- Plants with hairy or fuzzy leaves, such as African violets, or plants that dislike having their leaves wet, such as snake plants, Philodendron verrucosum, and P. micans. The leaves of these plants decay rapidly when moist.

- Plants grown in soilless potting dirt.

- Plants with thick leaf cover that prevents water from reaching the soil surface.

- Plants whose leaves or crowns might be harmed when damp, such as cyclamen and begonias.

- Plants whose potting media has become highly dehydrated. Only gentle watering from the bottom guarantees that the entire soil media is properly hydrated. 



Even though the plants can be bottom-watered, they should be top-watered once every four to six months because soluble salts from the fertilizer accumulate in the potting media. The only method to flush out those salts is to top water until water pours out of the bottom via the drainage holes. Always dump that water and never leave your houseplants in it.

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