Make Your Own Spa-Like Bathroom with 7 Best Houseplants

Make Your Own Spa-Like Bathroom with 7 Best Houseplants -- f you are a spa enthusiast, you might be familiar with some of the plants that are found in spa rooms. Now you can make your bathroom exactly like a spa by placing some of the plants below. So, check out Make Your Own Spa-Like Bathroom with 7 Best Houseplants.

1. Kangaroo Fern


The first one is the kangaroo fern plant which has a cute shape. This plant is suitable for you to place in the bathroom because it requires a humid area, this plant will die if not watered for a few days.

2. Marble Pothos

The Sill
Next there is marble pothos which we also often encounter in various places. This plant can live in a low light place, suitable for placing in the bathroom window. In addition, this plant also has easy maintenance.

3. Pilea plant

Pilea plants have a round leaf shape that makes the bathroom look more aesthetic and fresh with their green leaf. This plant is suitable to be placed in a humid area with indirect light.

4. Majesty Palm
The Spruce

Next is the majesty palm plant. This plant loves humidity, which will be suitable for your bathroom. In addition, this plant can also live in places with lower light and has a beautiful shape.

5. Monstera Deliciosa

The Sill

 The fifth plant recommendation is Monstera Deliciosa. This plant has an interesting shape with its hollow leaves. In addition, this plant requires high humidity to actually grow. When planted outdoors, avoid direct sunlight so that the plant can grow well.

6. Peace Lily

The Honeycomb Home

Peace lily has beautiful white flowers. Suitable to be placed in a humid area because this plant needs a lot of water in the soil, so don't let it dry out. That is why this plant suitable for your bathroom.

7. White Orchid


The last plant is white orchid. This plant can also grow in areas with high humidity and can tolerate low light, making it suitable for your bathroom. 

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