Tips About Air Plant Care : The Cutie One That Need No Soil

Tips About Air Plant Care : The Cutie One That Need No Soil -- Air plants, as the name says, is one of the unique plants that need no soil to survive and thrive. Did you know that air plants are the best houseplants for air quality? Check these tips to discover how to properly water, light, and maintain your unique air purifying plants to preserve their health and beauty.

Look Out for Signs of Rot


When the roots or top of your cherished plants become brownish-gray and slimy, you know they've succumbed to rot. If the rot is only on the roots, simply cut the decaying roots off. This will keep the healthy ones from dying in the same way. Crown rot is fatal, thus it should be removed and replaced with new and healthy plants.



Air plants are picky about fertilizers and dislike being over-fertilized. During the growth season, use a liquid, water-based air plant fertilizer once a month. Choose a fertilizer that is suitable for air plants. To feed at the time of the watering schedule, mix it in water to half the recommended dose. The fertilizer can also be misted!

Find the Perfect Place


Keep your air purifying plants next to a window. Make sure it's not in direct sunlight. Excessive light can cause the leaves to get brown, wilted, and brittle, while lack of light causes slow growth and pale leaves. 

Air plants require good air circulation to stay dry between waterings. Without right air circulation and when the high moisture content in the air, they might develop undesirable brown blotches indicative of crown rot.

Dunk, Don’t Spritz


Although it doesn't require soil, it still needs water to live. Watering is the only question with this plant. Instead of spraying the plants, dunk them in container. A nice soak for half an hour at the right temperature can last 7 to 10 days (depending on your climate and the air quality in your home). If you live in a hot tropical region, water like this 2-3 times each week.

Grooming for Health


Regular trimming helps your air plant keep its beauty and health. Trim any dead or yellowing leaves with clean, sharp scissors. This will not only improve its visual appeal but will also help to avoid the spread of illnesses and pests. Make careful you just remove the dead sections of the plant and leave the healthy parts alone.

After blooming, air plants go through a natural resting phase. They may seem less vivid at this period and require less water and fertilizing. It's important to adjust your care plan properly. Reduce watering frequency and allow the plant to rest in somewhat colder temps.

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