7 Rattan Planters To Show Off Your Plants in Style

 Homiful.comPlanting plants in pots is certainly a good thing and makes it neat. In addition, this method can be used if you don't have enough land or live in an urban area that has limited land.

The varied types of pots certainly make anyone free to choose to make their plants look beautiful. One of them is a rattan pot. Some of the following ideas about rattan pots will be presented especially for you.

Hang rattan planter on the wall


Putting a rattan planter by hanging it on a wall or other area is certainly a good thing. Especially with plants that grow vines, this will make the rattan planter look beautiful and fresh.

Perfect rattan planter for outdoor


Plants that grow with rattan planter media and are placed in outdoor areas will give different accents. Besides being able to attract interest and aesthetics, the rattan planter itself gives a neat and fresh impression. Not only outdoor, you can also place a rattan planter in the indoor area.

Beautiful flowers in rattan planter


An attractive plant or a beautiful flower growing in a rattan planter is certainly a good thing. With a rattan planter, the appearance of this plant or flower will stand out and certainly attract attention. Place them in an area that is good enough as decoration or for a more lively residential impression.

Big plants in the rattan planter


In addition to small and medium-sized plants, you can plant large or tall plants on a rattan planter. Then place it in a corner area or a good area to highlight the plant as a decoration in a room.

Box container from rattan


Not always rattan planters are round like pots in general. You can design or weave rattan into box shapes. Then plant a flower or several plants in this planter for great results.

Unique rattan woven for Sansevieria


A rattan planter with a woven appearance is certainly a common and widely encountered thing. If you want to be different, you can try making or buying a rattan planter with a different design.

Like the design in the picture above for example. In addition to different designs, the accents or effects displayed are different and of course, can improve the aesthetics of a room.

Cute rattan planter on a tabletop with a strut


Having a small plant and a small rattan planter makes the design more cute and sweet. Put the rattan planter containing this beautiful plant as a decoration on the table. If needed, install or place this rattan planter with a support so that it does not fall easily.

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