Some Perfect Houseplants that Can Grow in Water - Plants are generally grown in pots, but some species can also be grown in water. Many people are interested in these water plants. In the beginning, many people only projected it, but now many are starting to grow it well in water. Some of the following plants you can have very beautiful. Check out Some Perfect Houseplants that Can Grow in Water.


Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera is one of the most popular house plants because of its unique leaves. If you have previously planted it in soil, you can first clean the roots from the soil so that they do not contaminate the water you want to use to grow this monstera deliciosa.


It may seem difficult and impossible to grow a parlor palm in water, but you can make it happen. Use a clean water pot and be diligent in changing it regularly. Place it in a bright area to help it grow.

Zz Plant

For the propagation of Zz plant, the water method will make it grow roots quickly. Cut the stem cuttings with clean and sharp scissors to have a precise cut and grow roots well. Use a clear container so you can keep an eye on the growth of the roots and rhizome.

Snake Plant


This low-maintenance plant is also known for its tolerance in various conditions including propagation and growing in water. However, clean water is essential for its survival.  Place it in a living room that has a window with bright light.

Monstera Adansonii

The last plant you can have with this beauty is another type of monstera. The unique leaves of this monstera adansonii are its main attraction. Besides changing the water frequently, you can also add liquid fertilizer several times.

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