7 Polkadot and Spotted Leaves Houseplants That'll Catch Your Eyes

7 Polkadots Houseplants That'll Catch Your Eyes 

Homiful.com -- Plants have a beauty that is unique to each species, from their varying sizes to their motifs. Did you know that there are some plants that have unique polka dot patterns that will make your corner highlight! Some of them are also easy to grow and look great with the rest of indoor plants, thanks to their unique and fascinating foliage.

Polka Dot Begonia (Begonia maculata)


This begonia type is grown for its eye-catching beauty as a spotted houseplant and casual nature. This polka dot pattern foliage, a white spotted houseplant, would make a wonderful decorative addition to your living room decor. This begonia has pink polka dots, making it a pink polka dot begonia that is also lovely.

Caladium bicolor ‘Polka Dot’


This is an eye-catching houseplant with spotted leaves that have large arrow-shaped white-green leaves that's mottled with pink and red dots. It grows well in high humidity and makes an excellent spotted leaf houseplant. This is a lovely polka dot houseplant.

Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya)


The Polka Dot is an eye-catching white dotted houseplant known for its striking look. It's a lovely houseplant with green leaves with white dots and pink splashes.

Silver Squill (Ledebouria socialis)


The Silver Squill is another plant with dots on its leaves. With its speckled leaf and unique growth habit, it creates an attractive spotted home plant. The light green leaves are covered with dark green dots and patterns.

Hypoestes phyllostachya ‘Red Splash’


This fantastic houseplant has dramatic brilliant red and black leaves. The black foliage with red spots and dots are very unique, making it a lovely spotted home plant.

Dracaena surculosa 'Gold Dust'


It's a lovely polka dot houseplant with glossy, dark-green leaves with delicate yellow dots that contrast beautifully with the dark foliage. Take note that these are not typical polka dot houseplants, but rather randomly spotted houseplants.



Whether it's 'Pink Dalmatian,' 'Polka Dot,' or 'Red Ruby,' there are plenty of Aglaonema varieties with eye-catching dots and splashes that make it a superb home plant with speckled leaves. 

Although not precisely a plant with polka dot leaves, these beauties are sometimes included in the category of spotted houseplants.

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