Very Beautiful "L" Shaped House | with 3 Bedrooms and Swimming Pool - A 2-story house with a swimming pool can certainly give a fun vibe. This dwelling is suitable for families of 5 people or more and looks chic and comfortable with the extraordinary arrangement and Feng Shui. For more details, you can check the review below and hopefully be inspired.

Floor plan

The floor plan above shows the garage in the first area in the front part. And the swimming pool next. For the building, the design use L which makes it good and unique and also brings a good atmosphere.

Swimming pool area

Design nicely, the swimming pool looks good and is perfect for use as a chill spot. Without the roof, it will make you can enjoy the sky and weather while swimming. Make sure to place some loungers or other chill stuff near the swimming pool for good design.

Terrace spot

A terrace or can call with leisure spot is placed next to the swimming pool. You can design this area nicely, and fill some functional stuff. Such use for outdoor kitchen, outdoor living room, laundry area, and more.

Living room

The open plan concept applies to the interior. You can try to merge the living room and dining area for stunning and saving space. Design nicely this area and use similar hues for a good and eye-catching interior.

Kitchen detail

Still one room with living room, the kitchen install pallet as barrier or partitions. It will bring a private effect and also make you cozy to cooking without seeing more people if you don't want it.


In this house, there are 3 bedrooms. Which is the main bedroom placed on the first floor, and 2 bedrooms placed on the second floor. As always, use good and right design for the bedroom according to the dweller. Or use a minimalist concept with little decoration to make a pretty and cozy bedroom.


Using bright hues will make the bathroom look bigger and more spacious. But, it is according to design and arrangement. So, try to use a good design for a cozy and efficient bathroom in the house.

That are Very Beautiful "L" Shaped House | with 3 Bedrooms and Swimming Pool present to you. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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Author    : Yuniar

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