Trendy Interior Idea With Industrialis Modern in Contemporer Style

Trendy Interior Idea With Industrialis Modern in Contemporer Style -- There are tons of interior room styles that can be applied to your dream home. If you like a unique, modern, and elegant look, maybe you will be interested in the following "Trendy Interior Idea With Industrialist Modern in Contemporer Style". Let's check it out!

Unique Model Furniture

Contemporary style doesn't limit us from being creative. That's why you might like this style with its abstract and unique look. Take a look at the chandelier and chair models in this room. Unique but chic!

Industrial Style

Not only that, an industrial style was also applied to this house. Typical with its unfinished look, which we can see on the walls of this room. The exposed concrete combined with the minimalist staircase design is a perfect match. Oh, and look at the motorcycle displayed on this wall, cool!

White and Blue

This house is not only limited to the unfinished and wooden look, but also uses a combination of white and blue colors. The white color makes this room more spacious and clean-looking. The navy blue color becomes an accent that beautifies the room.

Cozy Room

Even with the minimalist industrialist style, the space not only feels charming, but also very cozy. The choice of furniture and the arrangement of the room are the main factors that make this room so pleasant. You can relax comfortably here, spending precious time with your loved ones.

Right Lighting

Apart from furniture selection, decoration and lighting are also very important to make the final look of a room. Decorations that match the interior theme, combined with warm lighting, are perfect for a beautiful bedroom. Additional led strips for the backdrop can also be a good choice.

Modern Facade Design

For the exterior appearance, it is slightly different from the interior of the house. If the interior looks masculine with a minimalist style, the exterior looks more clean and minimalist with white and black colors. The facade is a modern boxy shape, with many window designs, to provide a beautiful look and indoor comfort.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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