Stylish Tropical Modern 2-storey House Idea

Stylish Tropical Modern 2-storey House Idea -- A tropical style house can be the right choice to create a new atmosphere in the house. The fresh tropical atmosphere is perfect for those of you who like it. The following "Stylish Tropical Modern 2-storey House Idea" is one example of an ideal house that you can use as inspiration!

Facade Design

Facade Design

The minimalist and simple facade design is the hallmark of this house. having an area of about 133 sqm and 2 floors, making this house spacious enough for a family. The boxy facade with a distinctive sloping roof, white and earthy tones look attractive, and go well with the ash color.

Open Space

Living Room

For the inside, this house uses the concept of open space to make the room more spacious. The interior design is charming with dim and warm lighting. The selection of furniture models that are both minimalist and modern, with tones that are suitable for tropical style, is perfect!

Tropical Style

Dining Room

The dining area has a very tropical atmosphere. Thanks to the selection of furniture models, such as long wooden tables and chairs with a combination of rattan. The natural scenery that we can see from behind the window is very supportive of this atmosphere. The selection of vertical blind curtains also adds a unique value to the room.

Single Wall Layout


A beautiful kitchen equipped with a kitchen set finished in wood and black marble. The kitchen set is deliberately made in line, to make the room feel more spacious, so you can add other appliances or other furniture in this kitchen. For example, a refrigerator, water dispenser, oven, additional shelves, and others according to your needs. 

Cozy Atmosfer


Apart from the charming interiors, this house also brings extra comfort to all its residents. Especially in the following bedroom design. It feels very comfortable in a modern minimalist concept. The simple decoration with maximum natural lighting, and the addition of downlights, is perfect for precious relax time.

Wide Windows


One of the other characteristics of a modern tropical house is that it has many large windows. These windows not only serve as decoration and ventilation, but also generate natural light for the room to the maximum. So the home environment will be healthier.

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