Lovely Boho Rustic Decor Style for Cozy Interior Ideas

Lovely Boho Rustic Decor Style for Cozy Interior Ideas -- The boho or bohemian decorating style is closely matched with rustic and vintage decor. Its unique look will make your room cozy and charming. The following "Lovely Boho Rustic Decor Style for Cozy Interior Ideas" can be a perfect example, for those of you who like beautiful boho-themed interiors. Let's check it out!

Living Room

Living Room

The unique boho style, with a mix of various rustic decorations, creates a warm and cozy vintage atmosphere. The small living room looks so cozy, with a collection of beautiful cushions and thick fur blankets. Who would have thought that white and earthy tones would work so well with gray walls? So much more variety!

Dining Room

Dining Room

The small dining room is no less beautiful. Equipped with simple earthy-toned furniture, a long table, 4 white PVC chairs and 2 rattan chairs, it is enough for a small family to eat together. 

Rustic Style

Hanging Chair

A hanging swing chair can also be an idea for furniture selection. A beautiful design that can be moved around, suitable for almost any room, both indoor and outdoor. Give extra comfort in an aesthetic way!

Simplicity Design


Boho or rustic decor doesn't always have to look busy with lots of patterns. You can apply boho design in a simpler way. Like in this bedroom. The rustic style is still felt in the wall decor and the selection of carpet models, bedcovers, and others. Simple but beautiful, right!

Houseplant for Extra Decor


Not only in the form of wooden furniture, makrame decorations, plaits, tassels, and floral patterns. You can also add a collection of plants as decorations for this boho style. Not only does it look beautiful and more alive, the atmosphere also feels fresh and healthier.



Then not only for the interior of the room in the house, you can also apply the boho style to the outside room. Like a terrace or balcony. Look at how cozy and beautiful this balcony is. Imagine the dim lights in a night-time scenery, it's so romantic!

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