House Design Idea: Urban Botanical Style House with Garden in The Midtown Area


House Design Idea: Urban Botanical Style House with Garden in The Midtown Area -- Living in an urban area has many advantages and conveniences. It is close to many public facilities and also easy to get things. The minus may be that the area is densely populated, resulting in a lack of green spots in the environment. But don't worry because you can create your own green spot at home, as in "House Design Idea: Urban Botanical Style House with Garden in The Midtown Area" below. Let's check it out!

Muji Minimalist Style

Facade Design

If you pay attention, the design of the facade of this house is more towards the Japanese minimalist muji style. Japanese houses have a facade design with minimalist building lines and a pyramid roof. The design of large glass windows, and also the addition of secondary skin on the balcony makes a more dimensional appearance.

Wooden Furniture

Living Room

If you want a distinctive natural feel at home, you can use various natural elements in both the interior and exterior. Like furniture made from wood. This living room uses a wooden table with a glossy finish that makes the white room more colorful. 

Open Space

Living Area

It's not enough to just use nature-themed furniture and decorations, also pay attention to how the room is designed and organized. You can apply the open space concept to create a more open and fresh home impression. The room also becomes more spacious, and facilitates your mobility. 

Soft Tone Color

Kitchen and Dining Area

One of the other characteristics of a minimalist muji house is the use of soft colors. In addition to earthy tones, you can also use sweet pastel colors. Like in this kicthen set, which is sage green in color. Warm lighting complements the ambience of the room.

Large Windows and Sliding Door


As we have seen before, this house has quite a few windows with large glass models. The door design is made similarly with large glass and a space-saving sliding style. One of them can be seen in the side terrace area of the house below. The room feels very bright and cozy. Especially with the tropical garden around the house.

Cozy Bedroom


Not only in the main rooms, we can also find a similar style in the bedroom. This bedroom has a minimalist Japanese-style design with distinctive earthy tones. The selection of minimalist furniture is functional, with lots of windows, so cozy for sure! Not to forget, green plants are also a decoration for the corner of the room, to make it feel more alive.

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