Cozy Life in Simple Modern Cottage House

Cozy Life in Simple Modern Cottage House -- Living and growing old in a rural environment is a particular dream for some people. The atmosphere is still beautiful and natural, with minimal pollution levels, making for a healthy and comfortable environment. The following "Cozy Life in Simple Modern Cottage House" is one of the ideas to create a dream home.

Facade Design


This time we will discuss this cozy house. Carrying a traditional style, the facade of the house looks charming with a bungalow-style design. A spacious terrace with a gable roof and an additional canopy characterizes it. It looks natural with the use of wood for the construction of the house. Even so, the design is quite modern and not tacky.

High Ceiling

Living Room

In the previous photo, this house may seem small. But when you step inside, you'll be amazed at how spacious it looks. This is thanks to the high ceiling design and the white color used. Besides making the room feel more spacious, it also makes it look clean and tidy.

Warm Fireplace

Open Space

Just like on the exterior of the house, the inside of the house is also styled in a traditional bungalow style. It gives a warm and homey impression, very nostalgic. For example, there is this small fireplace. The modern touch makes the room look more stylish and not monotonous.

Kitchen Island


This house uses the open space concept very well for the living room and kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a simple kitchen set and kitchen island. The kitchen island is also used as a dining room, so it saves space and is neat.

Cozy Bedroom


For the bedroom, we would expect nothing less than comfort. As a place to rest after a long day of activities, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms. This bedroom looks cozy with a bed equipped with bedcovers and lots of pillows. The room setting is also good, with a large window and few items and decorations.



Lastly, the bathroom is also an important place. This bathroom is connected to the master bedroom, making it more private. Equipped with a bathtub, you can take a relaxing soak while washing your body. Doesn't it feel very comfortable?

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