Boho Interior Setup Design with a Cozy and Minimal Style

Boho Interior Setup Design with a Cozy and Minimal Style -- The bohemian interior design style has distinctive features that make it so popular and enduring. With a stylish look that produces a cozy and warm impression on the room. If you are interested in boho style interiors, then the following "Boho Interior Setup Design with a Cozy and Minimal Style" can be an interesting insight for you.

Earthy Tone Colors

Living Room

Talking about boho style, you'll think of warm shades with soft earthy tones. The selection of soft colors such as beige, then accented with other colors such as white and soft yellow. You can see the perfect combination as in the picture above.

Neat Layout 


In addition to using a warm boho style, this house also gets a touch of modern minimalist style in the interior, especially the kitchen area that we see here. The kitchen set design that looks elegant with black color, neatly arranged with a single line layout. The boho touch is also still felt in the selection of chair and dining table set models, as well as additional green plants that decorate the room.

Large Windows

Back Terrace

This house has excellent air circulation. Not only are there plenty of small windows for ventilation, but the large glass doors are also very helpful. You can see that this door leads to the terrace at the back of the house. The terrace, which looks cozy to relax with a set of wooden chairs and tables, could be a great place for a small party.

Wooden Material


Besides using warm earthy tones, this house also uses a lot of wood. For example, in this staircase, the wood material looks sturdy with a beautiful minimalist model. In addition, this house also uses many natural elements such as plants, natural stones, and so on.

Attic Room


This house has an attic that is used as a bedroom. With a minimalist design, this room feels very comfortable. The soft bed is complete with comfortable bedcovers and pillows. Decorations such as tumblr lights make the atmosphere more romantic.



The attic is not only used for the bedroom. There is also a workspace next to the bed. The workspace is small but cozy. With a classic window model that makes the atmosphere not boring.

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