Plants that Can Start Once Cutting and Grow in Water

Plants that Can Start Once Cutting and Grow in Water -- Look for plants that are easy to care for, as ornamental plants can grow easily in water. This is a simple plant propagation method for gardeners or beginners. You don't even need any special skills or tools. 

With one-cut propagation, you only need a few scissors and a glass cup filled with water to get your plants growing. Check out this post to learn what plants can be propagated in water.

Spider plant


A plant with numerous benefits, not only as an ornamental plant, but also as the best air purifier in the room. Growing a spider plant as an ornamental plant requires no special skills; you can rely on propagation through the medium of water placed in a glass glass filled with water. This plant can separate babies from their parents and transport them to the ground or to the sea.

Monstera deliciosa


Monstera is a tropical plant that has large, dense, and thick green leaves. The native tropical rainforest supports a diverse range of species with distinctive foliage. This variety of Monstera deliciosa is one of the most popular due to its ease of growth and propagation. Simply cut the stem of the knot plant and immerse it in non-chlorinated water. Place it in indirect sunlight and keep an eye on the water's cleanliness.

Philodendron heart leaf


The heart-leaf philodendron is a lovely plant for vases with bright green heart-shaped leaves and a hint of yellow. Because of its ease of propagation, you will be able to care for it for a long time. This plant is simply cut into 3 - 5 inch lengths and placed in a glass. Place it in a bright area and change the water every 3 to 5 days.



This wandering Jew plant is very simple to care for. It is most enjoyable when grown in water; you can take a portion of the stem about 5 - 6 inches long with 3 - 5 leaves. Place it in a glass cup filled with water and expose it to indirect sunlight. Place it in a shaded area as a houseplant to deal with the lighting appropriately.



Pothos is the best and easiest plant to select. This air-purifying plant grows quickly in water and can climb other trees. By creeping, its heart-shaped leaves will easily sweeten the room. Simply cut the stem and place it in water to grow it in water.

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