Perfect Workspace Ideas with Friendly Greenery

Perfect Workspace Ideas with Friendly Greenery -- With the presence of plants in the office area, a positive workspace can be created. A natural atmosphere full of freshness and clean air will be a full green workspace decoration idea. Plants are essential in any space that can reduce stress and heat from electronics. So the workspace looks great with the addition of decorative plant decorations.

Scandinavian workspace


Maximum lighting from the direction of the window is ideal for the home office work desk. This type of work environment will not be boring. Furthermore, ornamental plants will add oxygen during the day, making circulation more fresh.

Lush, green, and contrasting


A work area with this design at home or in the office can be an interesting idea. Growing tropical plants with dense foliage and intense green is sure to create a peaceful atmosphere. a sense of calm with environmentally friendly and soft furniture models. You can incorporate some visually appealing matching looks from flooring to wall designs.

Simple workspace with display shelves


You can design your home workspace based on the size and furniture you choose. This design is simplified and more practical. One outboard mirror is provided to provide a broad impression. Using display shelves, arrange ornamental plant decorations so that they are more detailed, clear, and perfectly exposed.

Wood-based eco-workspace


The following concept will feel more homey and fresh. You can use wooden furniture details on work desks and chairs. Place each plant on a windowsill to allow for filtered lighting and to keep the room from becoming too bright.

Simple minimalist workspace


The final detail is an example of a workspace that can be placed in the living room. Wooden components continue to be the most popular choice because they are in harmony with the natural concept. The finishing touch is ornamental plants like palms or tall calathea.

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