5 Best Plants That Help Improve Sleep Quality

5 Best Plants That Help Improve Sleep Quality

Homiful.com -- Although we know that sleep is important for improving resilience and helping you de-stress, falling and staying asleep may be the most stressing experience for many people. That's why it's more crucial than ever to make your bedroom a relaxing haven where you can drift off to sleep. These "5 Best Plants That Help Improve Sleep Quality" can be top choices for you. Let's checkit out!

Snake Plant


Snake plants, commonly known as "Mother-in-Law's Tongue" and Sansevieria, are among the simplest houseplants to maintain. The snake plant, a natural air filter, converts carbon dioxide to oxygen while you sleep and even more oxygen during the day. It's quite simple to maintain, making it an excellent choice for any bedroom. 



Jasmine (genus Jasminum), often written jessamine, is a genus of roughly 200 species of fragrant-flowered olive family (Oleaceae) shrubs and vines. The relaxing scent of jasmine and its gorgeous white blooms can be relaxing to the body and soul. Sleeping in a room with a jasmine plant can help keep insomnia at bay and encourage deeper sleep. 



Lavender is a beautiful perennial herb with a powerful, relaxing aroma, beautiful purple blossoms, and numerous of uses. The Ancient Greeks use lavender to treat insomnia, according to legends. The relaxing smell is naturally calming, making it an excellent sleep aid that promotes deep slumber and slows the pulse rate. Lavender plants are robust and adaptable, making them lovely and fragrant complements to bedrooms.

Peace Lily


According to NASA's clean air study, the peace lily is one of the greatest plants to keep around for removing toxins. It can grow in both low and high light conditions and requires little upkeep. Place it near a window if you want the white blossoms to flourish, and watch this wonderful plant brighten up your space. 



Valerian root is well-known for its relaxing effects and is frequently used as a sleep aid. It's no wonder, then, that having a plant in your bedroom can aid with insomnia and enhance your sleep. This plant likes plenty of sunlight, so place it near a window for the best results. 

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