Wonderful Aquatic Plants Fit for Your Aquarium at Home

Wonderful Aquatic Plants Fit for Your Aquarium at Home 

Homiful.com --  Decorating your home is one of the most fun things you can do. There are many types and types of decorations that can be used, one of which is aquascape plants. Having ornamental plants in the water is very interesting and unique. 

Not everyone has a hobby to take care of plants in water because it tends to be more complicated to do. However, the impressive results are worth the hassle. If you are interested, let's start by getting to know these "Wonderful Aquatic Plants Fit for Your Aquarium at Home".

Anubias Nana


Anubias nana is a small plant with broad leaves. Its dark green colors make it an appealing plant, and it will help keep the water in your tank clean and oxygenated. The good news is that this species is incredibly resilient and can endure most mistakes that beginners might do. Because it grows slowly, you don't need to put much effort into maintaining it, just a trim every now and then. 

It's very simple to propagate, so you can begin with a tiny amount and gradually expand it throughout your tank. Anubias nana will also help to regulate nitrate levels, remove contaminants, and oxygenate the water. Overall, this contributes to a healthier tank and decreases your cleaning workload.

Java Moss


Java moss is a bright green leafy plant that grows in dense clumps that resemble carpets. The plant's stems are small, reaching only 4 inches in height, and covered in tiny 0.7-inch overlapping leaves. It is simple to care for java moss. In the natural, the plant grows in most types of water but likes a strong water current, somewhat warm water, and a neutral pH. 

The moss can grow in complete darkness, and it is uncommon for someone to be unable to maintain Java Moss alive. A light green tint on the extremities of the moss signals new development, and Java Moss is ideal for novices because to its sturdiness. 

Amazon Sword


Amazon sword plants, as the name suggests, have leaves that taper sharply upwards like a sharp sword. This amazon sword plant is ideal for the background of your aquascape because it grows quickly and may effectively conceal many items in your aquarium. 

The Amazon sword is low-maintenance and will thrive in most home tanks. It should be planted in a loose substrate, preferably small grain gravel or a specialty planting substrate. It will also root in sand but requires more attention when first planted.

Jungle Vallisneria


If you want to add some little fish to your aquascape, jungle vallisneria is an excellent choice. This plant grows quickly and provides a wonderful hiding place for your shy and little fish, preventing them from being intimidated by other fish in the water. 

Vallisneria is a very simple aquatic plant to care for (as long as it is kept in a proper environment). They do not need to be supplemented; they just absorb the nutrients they require from the water. And because they grow so quickly, you'll probably need to cut them down frequently.

Tongue fern plant


The tongue fern plant is another attractive and in-demand aquatic plant. This plant sprouts from a stalk known as a rhizome. The tongue fern obtains nourishment through its leaves and roots. The aquascape requires adequate sunlight and does not require additional carbon dioxide input for this plant to thrive. With its tall, glossy, untoothed evergreen fronds, this fern is quite appealing. The strap-like leaves are 8 to 16 inches (20-40 cm) long and have a tropical appearance.

Ludwigia Repens


Ludwigia Repens is great for planting in the aquarium's mid-ground or background. Red leaf ludwigia repens thrives best in slightly acidic water, although it can also thrive in neutral to slightly alkaline conditions. Ludwigia repens plants provide a nice balance for aquatic plants due to their tiny size and suitability for placement at the front of your aquascape. One thing to keep in mind is that this plant requires adequate lighting to prevent its leaves from falling off and wilting.

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