7+ Houseplants that can survive even the darkest corner

Homiful.com -- Bringing plants into the house is no longer difficult or troublesome. Even if you only have a single room with minimal natural lighting, there are plants that can do well in low light condition. These plants are also low-maintenance, which will give you air and visual freshness. Here are 7+ houseplants that can survive even the darkest corners.

1. Dieffenbachia


The toxic nature of this plant has earned it the common name dumb cane plant. Chewing on the stem will temporary speechlessness pets or humans. Even so, Dieffenbachia has beautiful and fresh green leaves to fill the corners of the house. You can place this plant in a place with filtered light or in a corner with little light.

2. Snake plant


Bathrooms with little natural light. Hey, you can beautify the darkest corner of that bathroom with a plant. Not just any plant, but a snake plant. This plant grows best in bright light but can tolerate darkness. Just make sure it's not overwatered to prevent damage.

3. Bromeliads


Bromeliads are a great tropical plant to include in your home decor. This plant is very adaptable; it can grow in low light and survive in florescent light. Proper care will make bromeliad rewards you a red or yellow flower. As a tropical plant, bromeliad like humid places, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

4. Calathea


Calathea is loved for its foliage of various shades, colors, and shapes. This plant is great for filling corner of the house as tabletop decor. Calathea dislikes harsh, direct sunlight because it burns the leaves and causes it to lose its lovely marking.

5. Cast-iron plant


The Aspiditra elatior, or cast-iron plant, is a slow-growing plant hat has a reputation for being hard to kill. This plant has been shown to survive extreme weather changes, in which other plants die. Cast-iron plant have leathery leaves that allow them to grow in low-light conditions as well as survive both heat and cold.

6. ZZ plant


The ZZ plant will do fine if you grow it in a dark place. These plants will receive fluorescent lighting as a substitute for natural light. ZZ plant has glossy leaves that give a unique reflection as a home decoration. You also only need to water it once every 2 to 3 weeks.

7. Spider plants


Liven up your room with a spider plant. This plant adapts well to bright light or even low-light conditions. Optimal care will make the spider plant grow densely and produce lots of pups, or baby spider plants, that hang beautifully from the parent plant.

8. Heartleaf philodendron


Heart-shaped leaves with a glossy appearance will instantly add a tropical atmosphere to your home. Uniquely, this plant can also stand in dim rooms. You can grow it on a pole to make it creep upward and display refreshing green foliage.

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