Tips for Keeping Succulent Plants Healthy and Beautiful

Tips for Keeping Succulent Plants Healthy and Beautiful -- Succulent plants such as ornamental cacti are cute to be used as home or office decorations. Like plants in general, succulents also require a little care, although do not underestimate them because succulents can also die. Here are the basic "Tips for Keeping Succulent Plants Healthy and Beautiful" that you can apply to your favorite plants.

Give Them Enough Sunlight


Succulents require a lot of light—at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. If you have outside succulents, this can be pretty simple. If you have an indoor succulent, it will need to be sunned in a window. A plant that is bending towards the light is not getting enough sunlight, but a plant with burn marks on its leaves is getting too much direct sunshine.

Give Water Properly


The amount of water succulents require varies according on the season. Succulents should be watered every time their soil entirely dries up throughout the growth season—a succulent's longevity increases when its roots have chance to dry between watering. Succulent plants are dormant during the cold winter months, so they require less water. Overwatering succulent soil is one of the root causes of most growth troubles, so only water your succulent as needed.

Use the right pot and soil mix


Whether you buy your succulent from a nursery or grow it yourself, the appropriate container and potting soil may make or break your succulent. Your succulent planter should feature a drainage hole for an outdoor succulent. Good drainage allows moisture to escape, keeping roots and soil dry and preventing rot. 

If you have an indoor succulent, you can use well-draining soil instead, which is coarser than standard dirt and allows more air to move through while stimulating evaporation rather than requiring drainage. Certain potting mixes can benefit from the addition of perlite and pumice to increase aeration.

Don’t forget to fertilize


Even low-maintenance desert plants benefit from fertilizer on occasion. To give your succulents a boost, use a diluted, water-soluble all-purpose fertilizer a couple times a year. It's not entirely required, but if you see that your soil might use some help, add some fertilizer.

Inspect your plants regularly


A succulent is more prone to pest threats inside than they are outside. Examine your plants regularly to make sure they’re free of gnats or mealy bugs—these insects are an indication that your plants are overwatered or overfertilized. Mealy bugs drink the juices from its host plant and can lay hundreds of eggs, damaging your plant over time. 

Spraying the leaves or soil of your succulent with rubbing alcohol is an effective way of destroying mealy bugs and their eggs. If you’re bringing a succulent home from a nursery, check the leaves and soil first to make sure you don’t bring any pests home with you.

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