The Best Plants for Your Bathroom: Thriving in Humidity and Low Light

The Best Plants for Your Bathroom: Thriving in Humidity and Low Light -- There are quite a few benefits to having plants. Besides beautifying the scenery, plants can also make the atmosphere fresher, and other health benefits. The same goes for the bathroom area. But since bathrooms are usually quite humid and don't get much sunlight, "The Best Plants for Your Bathroom: Thriving in Humidity and Low Light" can be your choice of plants.

Snake Plant


Sansevieria (also known as Snake Plant or Viper's Bowstring Hemp) is a popular plant. The snake plant is a hardy plant with tall, straight, rigid spears of dark green with darker green striping and white or yellow borders. The snake plant is a superstar when it comes to air purifiers, and it can withstand any kind of mistreatment. 

The snake plant will thrive in indirect lighting ranging from low to bright. It will also perform admirably under fluorescent or grow lights. It tolerates most humidity conditions and requires only rare watering. A popular plant in washroom settings.



True ferns including Bird's Nest Fern (Asplenium), Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata), and Staghorn ferns thrive in low-light bathroom environments. They prefer indirect, natural lighting, so a bathroom window is ideal, but a full spectrum grow light will suffice. 

Ferns are excellent shower plants. The humidity from your showers is ideal for ferns, but they also require regular feeding and misting. Always monitor the soil and keep it mildly damp (but not saturated).

Cast Iron Plant


If you are a notorious plant killer, Aspidistra elatior - the cast iron plant - is a good pick. This plant prefers low light levels and may withstand a neglectful watering schedule, or those who forget to water. It can withstand temperature variations ranging from 50° to 85° Fahrenheit. A steady temperature is naturally desired by all living organisms. 

Place aspidistra in an area with indirect sunshine and water it thoroughly when the soil becomes bone dry. To keep the long, spear-like leaves dust-free, wipe them with a moist cloth on a regular basis. If your bathroom has no windows, add artificial lighting.



The "philo" comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. Medium-light, low-care tropical plants with glossy green, variegated, and even maroon-colored leaves, both large and small. Monstera is another name for the split-leaf variation. Heartleaf philodendron, with its heart-shaped leaf, has long been a popular choice. 

All philodendron species prefer consistent, moderate lighting, so artificial lighting is the best option. They also require a continuous warm temperature, so keep your bathroom between 75° and 85° Fahrenheit.

Lucky Bamboo


It's cheap and easy to find. It is simple to grow and prefers a low-light environment. To grow the lucky bamboo plant, you don't even need potting soil. Simply buy a few shoots, bring them home, and place them in a container with pebbles or marbles and filtered water (or water that has been left out overnight to allow chemicals to dissipate). 

To prevent mold formation, change the water once a week. This plant grows quickly, but you can keep it at the size you want by pruning it regularly or placing it in a location that inhibits its development. 



The "Dumb Cane" resembles Chinese Evergreen and Aspidistra plants, although it is considerably larger. Its leaves can grow up to a foot long. Dieffenbachia care requires artificial light and/or bright indirect light in order to thrive. It must be shielded from direct sunshine. 

It also prefers high humidity and well-drained soil that is continually moist. This plant will work well if you have the uncommon situation of having a spacious, windowless bathroom and want to create the sense of a well-lit, tropical setting.

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