7 Indoor Plants that Thrive in Jars and Bottles

7 Indoor Plants that Thrive in Jars and Bottles

Homiful.com -- Many types of indoor plants can be grown in bottles or jars. To create an indoor garden, begin with your favorite plants. This type of planting is also commonly used for plant propagation with water propagation methods that can easily grow new roots. If you want to know what kinds of plants to grow in your home, read this article.



This lovely deciduous plant is native to South America. Fittonia has oval leaves that are reddish-striped and olive in color. It thrives in high-humidity soils. Plant it in glass jars and glasses as a room decoration or as a terrarium filler.



You'll want more pothos in the ground or in the water no matter how many you have. Pothos that can be propagated in water can be grown in jars and glass bottles. This easy growth and attractive appearance for decoration will be appealing throughout the room.



A lovely plant with vibrant foliage that can be grown in a glass jar. The coleus variety has vibrant colors and is easy to care for. This plant requires attention in the form of proper feeding and nutrition.



Pilea is a pancake plant with round leaves that works well as a room plant. You can easily grow pilea in a glass jar or bottle. It requires sufficient light that is not direct, as well as a location that has the proper temperature and humidity.

Clusia plant 


Clusia is a cool ornamental plant native to the tropics. Can absorb carbon dioxide at night, making it an excellent air purifier. This clusia grows well as an outdoor shrub, but it also looks great in glass vases in bedrooms, as shown.



Herbs are the best plants to grow in water or in old jars around the house. Mint leaves, basil, parsley, or thyme are excellent choices. Some of these herbs grow roots quickly and easily. 

Snake plant 


The snake plant is an excellent example of a plant that can thrive in any environment. In a glass jar, its fleshy leaves with creamy edges look lovely. You can easily propagate it by immersing it in water. 

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