Stunning Interior Design Ideas with Plants -- Plants are the simplest way to decorate the interior. It's simple, especially when done correctly and with style. Plants will add more personality to your space than you can imagine. Here are some stunning interior design ideas with plants to give you some inspiration for decorating with living plant ornaments.

Plants around dining area

Place the dining area in a pleasant location. A corner dining area with a sunny window will give a bright atmosphere. A corner with a sunny window is also good for plants. Arrange plants in empty spots around the dining seats, including on the windowsill and floating shelves. Plants will add a lively touch to any interior setting.

Dry garden under the stairs


Why not an indoor garden? The bright, empty spot under the stairs can be transformed into an easy-care dry garden. Pick desert plants like cacti, succulents, and some shrubs to give a fresh green atmosphere to the dry garden. It looks so fancy, but it takes an expert garden designer to create one in your home.

Bathing accompanied by plants

Some tropical plants, like pothos, calathea, and other, prefer bright, humid places, like this bathroom. These plants can be decorative elements that enhance the bathroom. You can place them around the bathtub or windowsill. The beautiful dangling plants will make you feel like bathing in an indoor jungle vibe.

Plants in good spots

A full-functional kitchen can be decorated with plants. You can place plants in empty spots that do not interfere with movable space. It can be placed in the corner of the countertop, near the window, or even an empty spot between the dining area and the kitchen.

Bedside plants


Refresh the atmosphere in your bedroom. Place one or more plants to give a fresh atmosphere and help purify the air. You can choose ficus plants that can grow tall and give a shady green statement in the bedroom setting.

Plants in a rattan basket


Decorating interiors with plants is not just about arranging potted plants there. Harmonize the look of the plants from bottom to top. You can try to line the pot with a rattan basket like this. Rattan basket as a planter house will give a rustic and aesthetic look to your interior setting.

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