6 Hanging Decorative Plants: Stunning Room Enhancing Ideas

6 Hanging Decorative Plants: Stunning Room Enhancing Ideas 

Homiful.com -- Hanging ornamental plants can be an option to make the visual of the house more beautiful and even look beautiful.  In addition to its function to decorate the house, the presence of this type of plant is also useful for improving the air quality around the residence, with absorbing dirty air such as carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen. Here are "6 Hanging Decorative Plants: Stunning Room Enhancing Ideas" that can be an inspiration.

Syngonium (Arrowhead plant)


Syngonium is native to Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil and Bolivia. In its natural environment, the tropical rainforest, Syngonium can grow up to 15 meters. Because of its unique leaf shape like a spearhead, it has become one of the favorite hanging ornamental plants or planted in pots. Depending on the species and variety, Syngonium can be dark green, yellow, or white in color.



Petunia is a genus of flowering plants from the Solanaceae family. The flowers are shaped like trumpets. This hanging flowering plant from South America can grow between 16-30 centimeters. What makes it unique is that the color of the flowers produced varies, such as red, white, pale yellow, blue, and dark purple. 

The branches of this flower are very weak, so its growth dangles downward. The leaf stalks are also short, approximately 5-10 cm long with a width of 4-6 cm. It is best placed outdoors because this plant will grow well if it gets enough sunlight.

Burro's Tail


Burro's Tail or Horse Tail is a succulent plant that grows long and dangling. This donkey tail has thick, fleshy leaves that are strong even without water. It also prefers plenty of sunlight. But for beginners, growing Burro's tail can be a bit daunting. 

Giving it too much water will make its leaves rot quickly. But, this outdoor hanging houseplant is an easy plant to grow as long as it gets enough sunlight and balanced dry soil.

Baby's Tears (Soleirolia soleirolii)


Baby tears is a member of the Hemianthus micranthemoides family, similar to cuba and monte. The plant, which originated in North America, is bright light green in color. Baby's tears plants tend to grow upwards, then over time baby's tears will look like a circular horde of leaves. To make this plant more lush and dense, the owner needs to be diligent in trimming the branches so that they look neat.



Air plants or tillandsia are epiphytic plants whose way of life is attached to or dependent on the stalks, stems, and branches of other taller plants. However, it is not parasitic. This plant, which is still in the pineapple family, can stay alive by relying on the fine hairs that spread throughout its body, which are used to absorb water vapor and capture nutrients and nutrients released by dust in the air. 

They are usually grown by hanging them on ropes, strung on wires, and glued to a piece of wood or rock. Or as is the season, air plants are simply placed on top of cute shaped glass containers like terrariums.

Hoya Carnosa


One of the species of the Hoya kingdom is native to several countries such as India, Burma, and China. The flowers are said to smell like chocolate at night. Hoya Carnosa has green, smooth, and thick leaves that can grow up to eight centimeters. 

Putting it in a hanging pot makes this plant look even more beautiful. The flowers will always face the brighter light. Do not change the position of the plant when the flowers are in bud because it can cancel the blooming process.

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