Six Plants That Good to Fertilize Your Garden's Soil

Six Plants That Good to Fertilize Your Garden's Soil -- As in nature, plants will fulfill this function, providing the basics of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as a complete set of vitamins and minerals for soil life. Not only that, with careful selection, plants can perform many other tasks, such as adding organic matter to the soil, preventing erosion, and breaking up compacted clay soils. Cover crops, which are cut down and left on the ground, produce a lot of organic matter that keeps the soil alive and revitalized.  Like the following "Six Plants That Are Good to Fertilize Your Garden's Soil".



The plant is also edible and has a flavor reminiscent of cucumber.  The leaves, which are slightly fuzzy, should be eaten young, and the star-shaped blue flowers are also edible.  Bees love borage, as do strawberries (they are companion plants).

Fava Beans


These fava beans known as broad beans are another leguminous cover crop that fix nitrogen, they keep soil life alive, protect soil from weather, and suppress weeds.  They also provide tasty, edible beans. They germinate quickly, are hardy in cold weather and tolerate shade.  

Daikon radish


Daikon radish is also known as white radish or Japanese radish. It originated in China, where it is often a large root vegetable that is well suited to growing in clay soil and breaking up soil compaction.



This Dandelion plant is nothing new to most of us, and is increasingly being recognized for its edible and medicinal qualities are being revisited.  The whole plant is edible, even the root, and while it is alive, it draws valuable nutrients from deep below the soil surface.

Red Clover 


Red Clover is a nitrogen-fixing legume. In the garden, it prevents weeds and retains moisture, its roots increase soil friability (loose texture), and attract beneficial insects. Red clover is a hardy plant that thrives in old fields, lawns, along roadsides, and other similar situations. 



This most favored plant in the permaculture movement not only accumulates a lot of nutrients, but also produces a lot of organic matter that can be used to propagate them.  Comfrey leaves are so lush that they can be compared to manure. Comfrey is highly adaptive to a variety of growing conditions and requires very little maintenance. 

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