How to Repot Peace Lily without Killing it -- The peace lily is a must-have houseplant for plant lovers. This plant will give you a fresh green visual with its elegant white spathe. The peace lily is not difficult to care for, but it does require repotting from time to time.

Repotting seems like simple to do, but if done incorrectly, it can torture and even kill your peace lily. Learn how to repot peace lily without killing it.     

Find out the signs of repotting


It's important to know when to repot your peace lily. The best time is during the growing season in the spring, but it must be when it meets the repotting requirements. The most obvious signs are roots coming out of drainage holes and roots visible at ground level. This indicates that the roots have outgrown the size of pot and must be replanted into a bigger container.

1. Water a couple days before repotting


This idea may or may not be doable, but this step aims to limit the troublesome shock of the peace lily. When uprooted from the soil, the peace lily does not have to endure uprooting and drought simultaneously.

2. Prepare soil and bigger pot


Roots that grow outside the pot through drainage holes indicate that it requires a new, larger container. Plants also need fresh soil that has the right conditions for optimal growth. A fresh, regular potting mix can be used. The peace lily also grows well in soil mixed with peat moss, perlite, pumice, and coco fiber.

3. Remove the peace lily from container


Check that the the soil is dry enough to remove the peace lily from its container or pot. Lift the container and gently hold the peace lily by the base. If it is a little difficult to remove, shake the pot slightly and run a knife along the rim. 

Check out root rot once the plant has been removed. Removed the dead or rotten rot before it causes problems for the peace lily. If a peace lily in soil and new pot still has root rot, it will die.

4. Divide it


Peace lily clumps can be propagated by dividing them into smaller pieces. This step is also necessary to avoid overcrowding in large clumps of plants. It's simple; simply divide the plant into several sections that can be easily separated. If the roots are too long, cut them with a sterile knife; this will not harm the roots and will allow them to grow healthy and strong again.

5. Repot it


It's time to move the plant into the provided pot or fresh soil. Fill the space around the plant with soil from the bottom up. Allow a few inches beneath the rim to prevent soil from spilling out when watering. Gently press down on the top layer of soil to remove any pockets of air. 

Follow-up care


Once in the new pot, place the peace lily in a bright, sunny spot with indirect light. Water it regularly to give it healthy new growth. If yellowing of the leaves occurs, it could be a sign of transplant shock in the new environment, but the plant will be primed again in a month or two.

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