7 Best Easy Houseplants that Grows Anywhere

7 Best Easy Houseplants that Grows Anywhere

Homiful.com -- Easy houseplants are low-maintenance and self-sufficient. The main issue is that you are unaware of some of the minor details concerning them, such as the lighting requirements, watering, and fertilizing. According to the list, you can use these plants in any area where maintenance is simple, even for beginners. 

Spider plant 


Even when the soil has dried out, spider plants rarely die quickly. This hanging basket plant can reach a height of two and a half feet and a length of three feet. Its dangling leaves and ability to release this baby allow for easy reproduction. Spider plants are ideal for any room, from the patio to the kitchen and bathroom to the living room.



This air plant that grows without growing media requires very little care. Watering and bright indirect sunlight must both be considered. Air plants that are well-cared for will bloom and be vibrant and beautiful. 

Lucky bamboo


This urban container plant has beautiful, spiky leaves and can be planted in water. Lucky bamboo, also known as dracaena, resembles a small palm tree and can grow up to 10 feet tall. With stems that are easy to bend or pick, you can shape them into unique shapes such as braids, goblet shapes, or pyramids.

ZZ plant


This lovely, low-maintenance houseplant requires adequate light and water. Growing well from rhizomes, the zz plant can store water underground, making it drought-resistant. You can assist with repotting every year after it has formed a root ball.



This low-maintenance plant grows well and tolerates neglect. When the soil with orchid potting mix and drainage holes is dry, it requires water. It must be placed in a bright area but not in direct sunlight.

Peace lily


The spathe of the peace lily is a plant with long, thin white flowers. It is a lovely plant that can withstand heat and humidity. The peace lily can be placed near a windowsill, but not in direct sunlight.

Rubber plants


The ficus plant is an ornamental plant that can grow to be about 100 feet tall in its natural habitat. However, because this plant can only grow to be about 10 feet tall indoors, it requires special care, beginning with proper lighting, humidity, and warmth.

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