7 Plants for Tropical Style Gardens: Exotic and Stunning Choices

7 Plants for Tropical Style Gardens: Exotic and Stunning Choices 

Homiful.com -- Tropical gardens are still a popular style choice. Large, bold leaves, rich colors and interestingly shaped flowers are the hallmarks of this style of planting. There are a few easy rules to follow for making a tropical-inspired garden. For one, start by choosing the right plants, as in "7 Plants for Tropical Style Gardens: Exotic and Stunning Choices" below!

Tree Fern


If you like the look of the a tropical island, nothing beats a tree fern. They require delicate care, but you will be rewarded with a beautiful garden feature. They thrive in damp soil in protected, dappled shade, making them an excellent choice for shade garden ideas. Keep in mind that the fronds can grow to be 6.5ft (2m) long. 



Looking for something a little more dramatic for your greatest tropical plants? Aeoniums are a terrific choice for their beautifully structured rosettes of fleshy leaves on branching stems, especially since some species are purple-black, giving them a truly exotic aspect. 

They require a sunny location to keep their dark hue and should be planted in gritty, well-drained soil. Because aeoniums cannot tolerate freezing conditions, grow them in a pot and bring them indoors for the winter if you live in a mild climate.

Fatsia Japonica


Fatsia japonica, one of the easiest tropical plants to cultivate, is ideal for giving an instant jungle vibe to your tiny garden ideas. These plants are grown for their enormous, shaped leaves that remain green all year. They thrive in shady, protected areas with dry soil, though they will require weekly watering in the summer. 

If you want to include them in your container gardening ideas, they will do well in a pot, but they can grow up to 13ft (4m) in height and breadth, so make sure it's a big one. 

Canna 'Yellow King Humbert'


Cannas are a common pick for the greatest tropical plants because of their gorgeous blossoms in vibrant hues. On massive architectural leaves, choose from fiery orange, explosive pinks, and red. 

They are easy to cultivate and provide height (up to 5ft/1.5m) and drama to garden borders. Plant the rhizomes in late spring (April or May) in a sunny, sheltered location and water often. From June until September, they will bloom. 

Ginger lily 'Assam Orange' 


These large-leafed Ginger lily plants, also known as Hedychium densiflorum, produce towering spikes of fragrant flowers in exotic orange and can grow up to 6.5ft (2m) tall. Plant in clusters in moist soil in a border to create a stunning focal point. Mulch during the winter. They will also thrive in garden pots, allowing you can simply relocate them to a sheltered location after the first frosts. 

Byzantine Gladiolus


This Byzantine Gladiolus plant produces spikes of exquisite magenta flowers in early summer, adding beauty to any setting. Corms are affordable and ideal for edging borders, but they also perform well as part of a wildflower meadow. In fall, look for G. communis subsp. Byzantinus. It can reach a height of 23in (60cm).

Crown Imperial


These tropical plants have 5ft (1.5m) stalks that yield stunning orange flowers with white anthers. In early summer, this highly hardy crown imperial variety blooms. Remember that the bulbs will require very well-drained soil - consider digging in some grit when planting - as well as plenty of sun.

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